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Breakspoll 2011 – The Results!

March 5th 2011

After tens of thousands of votes, and a twice sold out event, the results are in for the 10th International Breakbeat Awards.

This year see’s plenty of changes, with a lot of new faces and some surprising results, knocking some of the long established names from their perches!

Elite Force got his long awaited recognition for Best Producer plus Best Label for U&A Recordings, and Krafty Kuts kept hold of his crown for Best DJ, beating off strong competition from Stanton Warriors, A-Skillz and many more.

Track of the Year was won by relative newcomer Hedflux, who had a terrific year and has quickly built a massive following through his releases on the Broken Robot label – a label that has been so prolific it managed to get nominations in Best New Label and Best Label categories even though its only had umpteen releases.

Here’s the full rundown of this years Breakspoll Winners:

Best Track – Hedflux – Mindcell
Best Remix – Freestylers – Cracks (Ctrl-Z Remix)
Best Album – Against The Grain Classics by Krafty Kuts
Best Label – U&A Recordings
Best New Label – Scarcity
Best Producer – Elite Force
Best New Producer – Run Riot
Best DJ – Krafty Kuts
Best New DJ – DJ Chamber
Best Large Event – Shambhala Music Festival
Best Small Event – The Drop
Best Website/Blog –
Best Radio Station – NSB Radio
Best Radio Show – Annie Nightingale Breaks Show (BBC Radio One)
Outstanding Contribution to Breaks – Krafty Kuts

Keep check of the Breakspoll Facebook and Twitter pages for voter reactions and to place your comments, and also look out for articles on breaks blogs like This Is Breaks for further analysis and reports.Β  We’ll be linking to photo galleries from the night, as well as giving more info on final places in each category in the coming days…

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  • John

    No BSD!?!?

  • Johnsmith


  • Johnsmith

    what a surprise – Annie Nightingale, NSB and Nuskoolbreaks win again….who could have predicted it? Joke of an awards ceremony. Krafty Kuts best DJ? Please.

    • BIGGEST RADIO SHOW, BIGGEST RADIO STATION, BIGGEST WEB SITE IN “BEING POPULAR” SHOCKER! You wanna go to the media about that one mate, think you might of noticed some kind of system to how mass voting works…

      • Johnsmith

        biggest fix you gonad.

        • Anonymous

          you clearly know far less than you think you do.

          check the listener figures and compare the stations ( – its public info ) nsb always has more than the other nominees. ( generaly more listeners than the others combined )

          annie has a huge listener base, so its no surprise she won best show. ( im sure the radio 1 figures will show she has many many more listeners than any other single show )

          nuskoolbreaks has more users than any other breaks website ( again, publicly available info )

          krafty is hugely popular – maybe not my personal choice but you only had to be there on the night to see this confirmed by the crowd reaction.

          this was my 6th year at breakspoll and it was ( as everyone i spoke to agreed ) the best yet – fantastic vibe, amazing music and the club worked realy well for it.

  • Kym Ireland

    Mindcell??? Huuuuuuuhhhhh??????

  • Matt4star31

    john show some respket!!!

    • Johnsmith

      Why should I show respect for awards that are blatantly fixed and won by organisers and their clique? And not a true reflection of the Breaks scene. Too many people know this is the case and don’t speak up. You need to wise up!

      • Admin

        LOL – you’re an idiot

      • LOL – what an idiot. Its a public vote. You want people to “speak up” and yet you can’t even post under your real name or email. What a dick.

        • Johnsmith

          keep telling yourself that Jimmy. Everyone knows you’re a fool and a crook in the industry and that Breakspoll is meaningless. You say it’s a public vote but everyone knows it is fixed. And my name IS John Smith…

          • LOL, thanks mate. Funny how all the “best producers and DJs” as you say were all there, having a good time. Where were you? Sat at home stroking your troll?

      • Hsunami24

        As Jimmy said, WE voted for these artists. Do you even know what Breakspoll is? or even what the word “poll” means? I think the only version you know is “pole” because that’s what you enjoy stroking.

        • Johnsmith

          you’re obviously one of the puppets that I’m referring to here. If you knew anything about the scene you would know that most of the best Producers and DJs are well aware that this whole event is a fix. I would accept you had a valid point if the voting was really a public vote, but open your eyes, it doesn’t take a genius. Anyway, its the opinion of many of us, which we’re frankly entitled to (whether you like it or not) and you are of course entitled to your own blinkered opinion. I’ve said my piece, we know the truth. Fix, fix, fix, every year. Breakpoo has no cred anymore. That is all. Goodbye.

  • Ggfh

    No Tipper?????? WTF????? This is like the oscars, gotta be in their little clique to even be considered. DJ awards are a joke.

  • KraftyKuts

    full shit, too small club! Organizers are idiots

    • Johnsmith

      I know some bull excuse about wanting to sell more tickets the night before the event….they probably pissed Counter Culture off, noone in their right mind would change a venue the morning of the event or even the day before. “idiots” is being kind.

      • Anonymous

        counter culture was not fit for the event – the final venue, cable was bigger and had better facilitys. it allowed more people to attend and still sold all the tickets.

  • Mikeunger

    Goooo Shambhala!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn! %)

  • Anonymous

    Ha-ha! This is so funny! Given a votes to the old breaks stars. It is unfair. Organizers?! Open your eyes %( .
    — Freestylers – Cracks (Ctrl-Z Remix) – worst remix! And you think this is a true breaks or breakbeat? Don`t make me laugh =))! Shit.
    –Best Label is VIM. And you know that! Best breaks releases were from VIM, God dammit! No other labels in 2010 that would released so many quality and numbers
    BREAKS tracks (releases) as VIM.
    — Best DJ – Krafty Kuts – ohh, really?!… huh =)!!!
    I’m disappointed for the second year in a row. Good luck.

  • Poopsmith303

    I think Florida breaks and electro/Miami bass need more recognition from Breakspoll.

  • DTDT


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  • Hedflux – Mindcell = psytrance???? (shit) WTF????????
    where is the real breakbeat?
    BREAKSPOOL 2011 SHIT!!!!

    • Anonymous

      This is a psybreaks, but not real breakbeat and not psytrance of course =)). Real BREAKBEAT is Elite Force – The Law Of Life (2010) which wasn`t included in the final nomination, ha-ha-ha!

  • Anonymous

    How does Krafty Kuts win best album with a label compilation what the fuck is that all about. Surely best album should go to an artist album.That’s a fucking joke, it’s made me want to write a letter so I must be mad.Surely compilations should have there own bracket. If winning best album is just a case of compiling songs then any one could do it surely, next time why not nominate Now That’s What I Call Music 89 or whatever number they’re up to. Vandal should have won it in my humble opinion, but if not him someone who has written every track on the album not just decided what order to put other peoples tunes into. I might try and enter next year with a load of tracks I’ve taped off the Radio, I’m sure his winning this and best DJ (joke) had nothing to do with him headlining at the event. Pull your head out your arses you old boys club.!

    • Jim

      Hey Kieran, we merged Best Compilation and Best Album this year as there just wasn’t enough artist albums to warrant doing it. With the advent of downloads, albums and even compilations just aren’t being made, and unless this changes, this category may well disappear altogether…

      • Anonymous

        Hey Jim thanks for responding, I’ve calmed a bit since my original vent. It would be a shame if the category disappeared altogether as it is a chance for people to get recognition and to reach wider audiences and as you say people need to be making the albums in the first place. But surely Breakpoll is in an important position as it can encourage people to do this by recognising the people who are lovingly trying to create great music and so keep the scene alive and new for everyone by doing Artist albums, even if there aren’t many. I know you have other categories which do this but I just think a lot of the comments on here show that something needs to be done to caretake the little guy a bit more. Cheers Chief.

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  • Well this was my first breakspoll and not my last as i cant wait for next year, i’d love to dj at next year’s for sure. And Mr Jimmy Breaks has done a wicked job all round with all that has gone on, he has not got the easy job you know. And as for every going on about who won…! Can i just say we the people voted for them……..

  • When are the complete list of final placings in each category going to be available to view online???

  • Anonymous

    wrong winner, right winner, fair – not fair, fixed ? whats up ? music is music !!! lets enjoy for new produces, new mixes, new partys. congratulation to all Breakspollwinners and all notwinners who make me a great year full of good music πŸ™‚

  • 2 Anarchy in the Funk :
    “Hedflux – Mindcell = psytrance???? (shit) WTF????????
    where is the real breakbeat?
    BREAKSPOOL 2011 SHIT!!!!”

    Ukraine breakbeat massive

  • Anonymous

    I Love Breakspoll. Congrats to Krafty Kuts, he is the breaks king as always but my personal choice for best DJ has to be Specimen A or Access Denied, both of them has produced and remixed wicked tracks and I just can’t get enough of them, Cheers Breakspoll πŸ™‚

  • No FFS ?)))) this Β is Joke ?

  • Markos Jam

    SKETI should have won best new producer!!! It’s all good though!

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