Breakspoll 2015 - Saturday 7th March 2015
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Vote this year at Breakspoll for a chance to win the ultimate personal production and listening package from Scan Pro Audio, Audeze & Subpac worth almost £850!

Win Subpac and Audeze

Audeze make the some of the world’s finest headphones and Subpac’s can produce intense sub bass frequencies with a range that can go lower than any nightclub soundsystem.

Perfect for music producers or listeners alike (and their neighbours – as both products are almost silent to the outside world), you can experience club levels of sub-bass by putting the Subpac S2 against your back, transmitting the bass vibrations directly into your body. This is perfectly complemented with exceptional detail from the Audeze EL-8’s planar magnetic drivers which move much faster than conventional headphones can, giving an extremely crisp, sharp and detailed sound.

To get close to reproducing the frequency range and sound quality of this combination using studio monitor speakers would cost over £10,000, with the need to spend at least the same amount again on acoustic treatment! The Subpac also has an 8hr battery, so now you can make anywhere your studio including planes, trains and hotel rooms, for under £850.

To get more information on these products, please visit Scan Pro Audio.

Want to try out the awesome quality of the Subpac and Audeze? Scan Pro Audio will be trialling both products at the Breakspoll Awards event at Sound Control in Manchester on Saturday March 7th – look out for the demo station inside the venue!

The winner will be announced on Friday 20th February!