Breakspoll 2015 - Saturday 7th March 2015
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A list of frequently asked questions we get asked about Breakspoll and the Awards.

My name is on the voting page!! Have I been nominated?

No. If your name is on the voting page, congratulations, you have been recognised as part of the breaks scene! Other than that, these shortlists mean nothing. They are just artists, tracks or events that we think may be chosen by voters. Anyone can be added, and anyone can be removed. If you are voting and the choice you want to vote for isn’t listed, click “Add your own” to enter your own choice.

When does voting end?

Voting ends on Friday 6th February 2015 at 4pm GMT. Nominations (5 nominations per category) will then be announced soon after, and the winners will be announced at, during and after the Awards event on Saturday 7th March 2015.

How many times can I vote?

You can only vote once from a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation email and you will need to click on the vote to validate your vote. If you vote more than once, ALL your votes will be deleted, so don’t try and cheat. You have been warned.

My confirmation email hasn’t turned up, is there a problem?

One of the most common reasons for confirmation emails not turning up is that people miss-spell their email address, or use an account that is no longer active, or the confirmation email is in their SPAM folder. If a vote isn’t confirmed, it won’t be counted, so if you don’t get your confirmation email after 24 hours, just vote again. Our system will handle it and tell you if the email address has been used already. If you think there is another problem, please use our contact page to tell us – please include your name, the rough time and date of the vote, and the email address you think it should of gone to.

Who can I vote for?

Breakspoll provides shortlists for some of the awards to help you vote. However, for all categories you can vote for whoever you want to by selection “Choose your own” and then inputting your selection. You can vote for whoever you think deserves to win.

Will tickets be available to the Awards on the night?

There will be limited tickets available on the door from 9pm on the night. Ticket holders have priority entry. You are advised to arrive early or come later in the evening.

I want to see the awards being given out and go to the party – do I need different tickets?

No, you only need one ticket to see both the awards being presented and the DJs who are playing. We temporarily stop the party at 11pm to present the awards, then DJs take over until 4am.

I’m not included in your voting shortlists and I’m offended, what can I do?

Keeping up with the entire breaks scene is a difficult task, and sometimes people are overlooked. If you feel like you have been, please contact us and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation quickly. Make sure any suggestions to be added to our lists are sent in the format they are displayed on the website.

Can I be put on the guestlist for the Awards Party?

Guestlist for Breakspoll 2015 is strictly available for performing artists and press only. All guestlist requests must be submitted at least four days before the event. Visit the contact page to get in touch with us and for more guestlist information.

I’ve been nominated, what happens next?

We will try and contact all nominees within 72 hours of the announcement being made. If you haven’t heard from us, please contact us.

I’ve been nominated, do I get guestlist?

Firstly, congratulations. Due to the overwhelming demand for Breakspoll entry, if you want to guarantee you are there, buy yourself a ticket. Guestlist for Breakspoll 2015 is strictly available for performing artists and press only. If you have been nominated, we therefore cannot guarantee your entry, but if you are having a lot of problems getting tickets, please contact us as soon as possible via our contact page or try and purchase a ticket through the available channels.

I’ve been nominated, what time shall I get there?

Everyone wants to get in before the awards, and if you have been nominated this is obviously important. We advise all nominees to turn up as early as possible. The venue opens at 9pm, and we advise people to allow time to get through the security checks.

Can I film or take photographs at the event?

We make special allowances for professional photographers at Breakspoll, so please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

I’m not the type of person who carries ID, will I get in on the night?

Maybe. We strongly urge you to bring ID with you if you want to get in hassle-free.

I want to get involved with Breakspoll – how can I help?

We are always looking for people to join the Breakspoll team, if you want to help out or have something to give, get in contact with us.

How can I put on a Breakspoll Tour Night at my party?

We’re always looking for people to work with, so get in contact with us.

How can I play at a Breakspoll event?

Firstly, come to the event. If you do not even come to the event and support us, its unlikely we will support you! Secondly, be proactive, help us spread the word, bring your crew, and then tell us about it! Thirdly, get involved, and see how you can help out, or 4) just be a really fucking good DJ/Producer and then we will come and book you. Get in contact with us if any of this sounds like its up your street!