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Breakspoll 2012 Nominations!

February 15th 2012

It’s amazing isn’t it. You look back at the year 2011, and you think “meh, not a lot of good stuff!”, but then you need to vote for your favourites, and all of a sudden you remember gem after gem of fantastic music and brilliant artists. Adding up all of your votes has given us a massive memory jog, and now, producing the creme de la creme of the breaks scene in the Breakspoll 2012 nominations feels rather special!!

Read on below to see if your favourites made the cut – and if you want to see the winners be announced live, come on down to Cable on Saturday 25th February to see the awards being presented – advanced tickets have sold out, but there will be plenty on the door available.

The Breakspoll 2012 Nominations in full:

Best Track

Colombo – Everybody (iBreaks)
Elite Force – Captain America (U&A Recordings)
Hyper & Beatman & Ludmilla – Lights (Ayra Recordings)
Pyramid – Cruel feat. Julie Thompson (Funkatech)
Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Punks)

Best Remix

Deekline & Ed Solo – Blow Out (DJ Fixx & Ill DJ Chris B Remix)
Elite Force – No Turning Back (Hedflux Remix)
Krafty Kuts – Lets Go, Lets Ride (Pyramid Remix)
Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)

Best Album

Afghan Headspin – The Story So Far LP (Rocstar)
Colombo – Antiques of the Future (iBreaks)
Ghetto Funk presents: Icons Vol 2 (Ghetto Funk)
Stanton Warriors – The Warriors (Punks)

Best Label

Broken Robot
Ghetto Funk
iBreaks Records
U&A Recordings

Best New Label

Breakz R Boss
Death Proof Recordings
Diablo Loco Records

Best Producer

Elite Force (sHack)

Best New Producer

Bad Tango
Fisso & Spark
Leuce Rhythms
Mafia Kiss

Best DJ

Elite Force (sHack)
Krafty Kuts
Lady Packa
Lady Waks

Best New DJ

James D’ley
Key_Lo & Dr $Icknote
Leuce Rhythms
The Hustle

Best Free Track

Adele – Hometown Glory (Adsorb Breaks Mix)
Chase & Status – Time (Run Riot Remix)
Emeli Sande – Heaven (Pyramid Refix)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A-Skillz Remix)
Tomb Crew – Watch This (Kid Digital Remix)

Best Large Event

Breakfest (AUS)
Burning Man (USA)
Shake&Break (RUS)
Shambahala (CAD)
Summer Festival (ESP)

Best Small Event

Hong Kong Ping Pong
Lowdown & Dirty
Naughty Panda
The Vinyl Touch

Best Website


Best Radio Station

Brap FM
NSB Radio
Radio Record
Rough Tempo

Best Radio Show

Annie Nightingale (Radio One)
Beatz n Bobz Show hosted by Ben & Lex (NSB Radio)
DJ Iceys Automatic Static (Sirius)
Lady Waks Show (Radio Record)
Scoundrel Presents – The Rough Tempo Guest Show (Rough Tempo Radio)

Congratulations to all the nominees! What a list of quality stuff!! Are your favourites in there? Let us know below of who is missing! Remember – its a public vote!

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  • No Funk and Filth in Best Website Blog 🙁 . . . . . . Good luck everyone, going to be a banging niight!! 🙂

  • All the nominees are worthy! Good luck everyone! It’s been another great year again for breaks! 

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  • gerard devine

    Where is the album “Krafty Kuts – Let’s Go Let’s Ride” on sale. I haven’t seen it anywhere

  • Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)    is it break beat?

  • Will the Outstanding Contributions nominees be up soon?

    • Jim

       Nope… the Outstanding Contribution is awarded on the night only

  • Excellent news on the nomination! Big ups to all of those who voted and thanks to everyone who has supported ‘’ so far.

  • Congratulations to all the nominees and all the people involved with Breakspoll 2012! cant wait for the party and results!!! its gonna be a hell of a nite!

  • Dan

    I’ve been watching this scene for a while now and these
    awards seem to get more incestuos each year.  Run by Abel Reynolds
    (Fingerlickin’ Management), Will Lardner (MD – Ghetto Funk), Ash Richardson
    (NSB) and Jimmy Brayks (NSB) you’d think they would keep their interests out of
    the running to avoid suspicion of a fixed voting system – yet here is the
    extent of their acts/artists/labels chosen for this years’ nominations (and
    guessing there are probably more):

    Abel Reynolds (co-runs Breakspoll and up for Outstanding Contribution Award)

    Abel Reynolds (Krafty Kutz under Abel’s management up for Best Album/Best DJ)

    Abel Reynolds (Elite Force under Abel’s management up for Best Producer/Best
    Remix/Best Track)

    Abel Reynolds (Deekline & Ed Solo both on Ableton’s management roster and
    up for Best Remix)

    Abel Reynolds (A Skillz under Abel’s management and up for Best Free track /
    Best DJ/Best Producer)

    Will “Streetwise” Lardner (Co-runs Breakspoll and his own label
    Ghetto Funk up for Best Album – the free and poor Icons Vol 2)/ Best label (!)
    AND Best Website) 

    Will “Streetwise” Lardner (Stickybudz is on Will’s roster for Ghetto
    Funk Agency and although he’s been DJing many years – is now up for Best New

    Will “Streetwise” Lardner (HongKongPingPong on Ghetto Funk’s Roster
    and up for best small event)

    Jimmy Brayks (Co-runs Breakspoll and his own NSB radio and
    up for Best Radio Station AND Best website – having ensured wins in past

    I won’t harp on, but sure there are plenty more examples of”vested”
    interests once again in this and previous years’ Brokenpoll – including the
    fact that Annie Nightingale wins Best Radio Show year after year as a condition
    of her agreeing to present the awards and Breakspoll co-organiser Ash
    Richardson (Richie Balboa) winning an award for Best Breakthrough DJ in the
    past after bagging a plethora of gigs from his buddy – you guessed it – Jimmy
    Brayks.  So let me hereby call for someone to start their own unbiased,
    fair, true and trustworthy awards so that more real talent and the public’s
    choice can get recognition.
     There’s a whole host of artists
    and acts not getting the credit they deserve.

    I fully expect Jimmy Brayks or another of the organisers to delete or refute
    the above or claim that it’s just amazing coincidence or the stupendous talent
    of all their people over the rest of the scene chosen by the public, but most
    know the truth about what’s going on – they’re either too polite to
    confront the issue or don’t want to bite the hand that’s feeding them with gigs
    etc.  It’s time to stand up to this back patting nonsense and monopoly by
    refusing to support such a shambolic event.

    Vote for BrokenPoll…..

    Dan Selby (15 Sharrow Vale Road, Manchester)

    • Anonymous

      This will be the last time that i vote !! I agree with you 100 percent Dan !! Its gettin quite shiesty !! a dubstep nomination in BREAKspoll ?? Thats just icing on the cake compared to the best radio station and website nominations !! NONE of those stations have even came close to the accomplishments of some other LIVE stations out there … NSB is bright pink and doesent even have a LIVE video feeed??? Is that the computer spinnin ??? Who would know ?? And Nubreaks has just gotten to the point where they have been standin still since last years nominations ! How are these top nominees even selected? Its easy to see whats happenin … No wonder the industry has gotten shady !!

  • Anonymous

    Skrillex ??? really ?? Since when is Dubstep breakbeats??

    • Jim

      Wow wow wow you have SEO? Wow wow. Shame you didn’t turn that SEO into votes… If only google made popularity polls…

  • We have a lot to say about this year! We are in the top 2.15  of all websites and we know for a fact that this was a set up job. We do not want to run in Breakspoll next year. We don’t need you. You need us! We have used all resources to make video a mandatory thing for all radio stations to use proving the mix. Other stations have used what TLA has brought in the year and 4 months we had opened! EVERYONE IS CHASING US! There is no question about that. Other stations are using OUR web page designs for the websites and now won the top 5 best websites? Have you actually been to these stations? Alls Im going to say is PINK????? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
      65% of the nominations were from last year or the year before that and they did not even take any of the real nominations that were submitted for this year? Natural Nate Did not want to Run in Breakspoll this year. He did not mind to have the nominations in label and E.P. but really wanted the other hardworking people to have the same chance he did. We had our our list of just as good or better DJ’s and Producers that should have made the list!
      For 2 years in a row, Nubreaks has turned in their Votes 2-3 weeks late. DJs have been burned by them because of this, and feelings are soon hurt. Some of these Djs are now with TLA. These poor DJs thinking they made a nomination posting out to soon find themselves stripped of the nomination because of the sudden change. How can someone make the top 5 Being 2-3 weeks late? Its B.S. Breakpoll
    puts in last years nominations because of slacking companies and that’s
    fair to change it up like that? We saw this 2 years in a row! No offense to Bruise Your Body Breaks but, That is NOT A DJ! That’s how sloppy this poll is! 2 years in a row. Some of our nominations from last year was submitted by Breakspoll without using all of the new talent that should have been there!  There was never a nomination submitted under BYBB by itself in Best in DJ. They did that last year also is point!
      TLA has some of the best DJ’s in the industry and is more than willing to prove it on the Tables vs a fake poll that nobody gets to see. {Numbers}  TLA will never be a kiss ass station to get to the top. We are already on the top and do not need to stoop that low. Its funny also that all the radio stations are from the U.K. { No offense. } How can someone win best new DJ 3 years in a row? Please can someone tell us that? EVERYONE KNOWS the truth. EVERYONE!
     We have watched EVERYONE’S stats from the backside and have taken tons of time and money to insure that we are the best of the best. Stats do not lie. We will take our stats against  ANYONE in the industry! We will take OUR REAL DJS against anyone in the industry. How can a controller DJ be a DJ for one? No offense. We have tried hard to keep this industry clean to find ourselves in a dirty voting poll! Roughtempo is an all genre station. People keep asking if we are all breaks? No we are not. But the simple fact is we have the best breaks DJ’s in the world. Whats the difference?
     We do want to say that we are proud of all the people that made the nominations. Take everything that you can get for self promotion. That’s what everyone is after and use it to the best of your abilities. Stay Humble. Hats off to the real DJs that made it in. Hats off to the producers working their tails off. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do a weekly show. This will never be a knock to any of you. Our DJ’s / Producers were very thankful and Honored at times for the nominations. Breakspoll should have kept it real!
     We have been asked ourselves to hold some type of awards for all genres and ALL SUB genres. We think there is a better way to have a fair Poll with EVERYONE INVOLVED. You guys really messed up. This only makes TLA want to rise further than everyone with fresh Ideas that everyone else claims to have already done. You guys have no Idea whats about to happen. Thank you for all of your lies. Please do not enter our last years nominations in again for next year or you can talk to our Lawyers!

    • Jim

      Fucking hell dude. Let me guess, you smoke weed, right?

  • Lady Waks