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Breakspoll hits Clapham Common in June with Southern Sounds!

May 3rd 2011

After the monstrous event that was the Breakspoll Awards 2011 and with the summer now fully on its way to the UK, we’ve been bouncing off the walls of Breakspoll HQ wanting to do some more parties.

So when our good mates at Crooked told us they were running an arena at a brand new festival in London, we jumped at the chance to get involved and bring you an astounding lineup of DJs in the summer sun!

Presenting Southern Sounds, an all-day spectacular of a party – mixing live music with DJs and plenty of fun and games – happening on Saturday 11th June on the fantastic Clapham Common, SW4.

Created by the same people who run SW4 and Get Loaded in the Park, Southern Sounds is a brand new festival on the London soundscape. With an antipodean theme to the day, it makes sense that Crooked (run by 2 Aussies) are heading up an arena, and with the huge success of breaks in Australia – from the Freestylers cracking their music charts, to the Stantons and Krafty headlining every major party out there – Breakspoll are truly honored to be involved with such a cracking party!

Breakspoll will be helping Crooked run the Electronic Arena, as well as providing DJs for the main stage in between the headline acts – check the line-up and grab your tickets now – we’re selling them direct, with no booking fee and no postage charge, so save yourself some dollar! For tickets, jump over to the event page.

Crooked and Breakspoll at Southern Sounds Festival

For a complete rundown on the event, head over to their dedicated website for the full rundown of info!

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