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Presenting the new hosts…

February 28th 2011

Breakspoll is immensely thrilled to announce two new presenters for this years Awards show.

Both stalwarts of the dance music scene, the Breakspoll Awards 2011 will this year be presided over by none other than Eddy Temple-Morris and Barry Ashworth.

Eddy – a DJ, producer, and professional artist, is perhaps best known as the host of XFM’s specialist music show, The Remix, which carves a solid niche of upfront dance music in to XFMs otherwise rock-centric schedule. Bringing with it all the enthusiasm that Eddy has for music, The Remix regularly plays host to many a breakbeat act, and Eddy has always been a big supporter of Breakspoll, so we are truly honored to have him presenting the awards.

His partner in crime, in more ways than one, will be Barry Ashworth, famed frontman of the mighty Dub Pistols, and DJ extraordinaire in his own right. Barry has rocked Breakspoll on several occassions, as a DJ and with the ‘Pistols, so it only seemed right to invite him back to rock the stage as Awards host!

The pair will be taking to the stage of Counter Culture club this Friday 4th March at 11.15pm.

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